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When searching the net for discounts on the A+ test I found this website http://www.examvouchers.com

It says it offers a $58 Exam Voucher at VUE for free all you have to do is sign up? what is the catch here??

I have already signed up for my Core exam with no discount. Did I make a $58 mistake??



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    No, I don't think you did
    The exam vouchers are sold in bundles with test prep products such as study guides or practice exams. The bundled test prep products DO NOT come with any type of exam pass guarantee or any other type of guarantee and are simply accompanying the exam vouchers. The main value of the exam voucher bundle is the actual exam voucher code and NO REFUNDS will be given due to any issues with accompanying test prep products.

    It's not 'free' you buy something first.

    Stick with http://www.getcertify4less.com/techexams.asp?REFID={18567D5A-E590-4C16-831F-A9A584E52DD4}

    GetCertify4less.com is legit, as well as a sponsor here.
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    Looks like www.examvouchers.com is a better deal than the GetCertify4less.com

    I am able to write the Test for $87 USD. To bad I didn't know this before I wrote my Core Hardware exam. I wrote my Core Hardware exam with Prometric and it cost me $153 USD. That's with no study material at all.

    With www.examvouchers.com I will write my exam with Vue @ a Vue testing center. It will only cost me $87 USD and I get some free study material with it as well.

    Here is a clip out of the E-mail they sent me:
    1) Save this email or write down the coupon code(s)

    2) Redeem your coupons to receive discount when purchasing exam
    vouchers. Most exam vouchers are also bundled with certification study guide or a practice exam.

    When you use the coupon code, you will be able to pay less for the
    entire bundle (that includes the Pearson VUE or Prometric exam VOUCHER and a test prep material) than the cost of certification exam.

    The coupon codes below are unique and associated with your account.
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