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I am trying to study for A+ Certification and am becoming frustrated with the reading material I have purchased and the classes I have taken.

I have a learning disability (Adult Attention Defict Disorder) and I am also mildly dyslexic.

I was wondering if anyone would like to participate in a study group via SKYPE. People could simply read questions to each other off the various study guides and offer insight and advice on how to pass the exams.

Feedback Please


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    I happen to know just a little about ADD (didn't know there was an adult version though), but one thing you could try (if you haven't yet) is getting the hyperfocus ability to work for you. As in just go with it and keep switching topics. I think you'll know what I mean.
    People could simply read questions to each other off the various study guides and offer insight and advice on how to pass the exams.
    Have you considered audio training?

    Good luck with the study group!
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    I'd be willing to do it if I wasn't PCSing to Ft. Hood right now(that and if I had a mic). I know what you mean about the ADD, I have it too. Like the Webmaster said audio would be great if you can get it, and switching topics has helped me too, also I always had fun with short 10-20 question quizzes. Making it fun has always been the easiest way for me to learn stuff. I have yet to read one certification book back to back....I've tried once got about half way through it. Thing for me is to keep at it, try not to get off on a tangent, and if you are starting to get tired of it give yourself a break from it do something else.
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    Thanks guys for the advice and encouragement.

    Webmaster, there is definately an adult verion of ADD, its simply called "Adult Attention Deficit Disorder". In my case it is pronounced. I was diagnosed a few years ago. Its almost funny, when I was an adolescent I was actually told by a clinical psychologist that I couldn't have a learning disability because my IQ was too high. Back then it wasn't common knowledge (even among some psychologists) that learning disabilities like ADD don't preclude exceptional intelligence. Having a learning disability and not knowing it made school more challenging than it probably should have been.

    I like the audio presentation idea. Do they make A+ certification audio tapes or audio CD's? I don't remember ever seeing one. If they do where would I purchase them? Or did you have another technique in mind?

    Again, thank you Webmaster and Wastedtime very much for your responses. I sincerely appreciate your informed advice.[/i]
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