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I'll be starting a job soon where Citrix Xen App is widely used, the company knows I have no experience but I'd like to get to a decent knowledge so I'm looking to start studying a certification. I already have VCP so I'm comfortable with virtualization, but have little knowledge from a desktop point of view. By the looks of it the best cert for me to start with would be the CCA-V ? Could someone give me an idea of difficulty compared to the VCP or CCNA so I have a rough idea of timelines as I'm in the middle of learning a couple of different things at the moment. Also, regarding a lab setup, would I get by using my 8gb, i7 laptop with an SSD to lab what I need to do for the exam ?



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    Wait until you start your job. There is a huge difference between XenApp 6.5 (and below), PVS and MCS. If you're company is doing XenApp 6.5 with web interface 5.4, then you will learn literally nothing with a CCA-V. Similarly if you have a living, breathing PVS environment you can start to unpick it slowly and then reinforce it with a CCA-V. Just be aware that like an MCSA, Citrix wants you to know every bit rather than the most common bits.
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