About to Take LX0-101

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Hi everyone,

I think I'm about ready to take LX0-101. I've used Linux for several years, and I felt comfortable with the material presented with Labsim.

One question, though. Obviously without violating the NDA, what can I expect as far as needing to memorize command line options for various commands? I've used _all_ of the commands presented in Labsim at some point, but in the real world I often refer to the --help option to help me remember which one I need. Of course some I use more than others, so I know those already.

Long and short.. I know the commands, but options could be an issue.


Edit: Wow! I joined in 2004, and this is my first post...
Edit 2: I recently passed my CCNA and CCNA Security exams. I'd Like to think if I could handle those then I can handle this.


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    i've used linux for a while too but 101 had some stuff that i probably would have missed if i didn't prep using videos (linux academy, infinite skills) and reading a study guide (sybex). you kinda need to have a solid knowledge of options/flags. i think you probably could pass 101 without much prep but 102 is more in-depth.
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    You may have used Linux for a while but you may get caught out when it comes to things like extensions.
    I would advise to go through the exam objectives to be sure you have covered those areas.
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