Hello. New user here and any advice would be a great help

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Great site by the way....

I'm thinking of taking the A+ course as I've just finished building my first Pc and really enjoyed it and wanted to know more. I think it would help in job also.

I found this course on the ICS learning website and thought about doing this as I'm someone who needs guidence and direction. and I would not be strict enough to teach myself from a book. Has anyone here taken this road or would recomend ICS or any other web based course as I've heard through other sites that Computeach courses are poo and expensive.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Many thanks in advance

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    First off, welcome to the forums.

    If you are interested in hardware A+ is a good first step and will sure help you to extend your skills.

    Are you talking about this course ?

    I haven't done A+ but regarding the price I would rather buy some CBT Nuggets videos like this:

    I have seen some of there stuff for Cisco and in my very personal opinion it's pretty good stuff. A lot better than just reading books.

    Best of luck for your A+ !

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    Many thanks.

    That is the course i'm going for but I'm going to do the Learndirct course as there is a college near to me and they are offering the course for £190.00 I've aslo got the micheal meyers book which is the size of a small country.. icon_eek.gif

    I need to complete this within 6 weeks and as I'm working full time this is going to mean many unsocial evenings in and uneventful weekends. icon_sad.gif

    Any helpful training tips from expierenced A+ students would be well recieved.

    Txs :D
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