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i've got my A+ exams coming up in a couple of weeks and i feel fully prepared but as i was browsing the web i came across so many sites offering A+ questions on pdf's . Apparently you can't fail your exams as long as you study their material thoroughly. They claim that their questions are exactly the same as the exams, how can they be allowed to do that? The pass rate for A+ must be extremely high.


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    They are not allowed to sell actual questions. These sites are run by plain criminals, a couple of 'm are in jail already and the rest will soon follow. When MS CompTIA or Cisco, or them together bust one of those criminals they will also get hold of the customers' information... which entitles them to take away your cert.

    The owners of such sites are always located in countries such as China and Pakistan where they lack copyright laws...

    A+ is very doable when you study for it... stay away from such sites, it won't help anyone.
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    i know you are capable of passing the exam without the need to refer to braindumps.

    when i started my studies i was overwhelmed with what i had to learn. but once i read my books through a few times and tried to recreate things in my lab that i read, it all started to sink in.
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    With "BD",, yeah u might PASS the exam.. But it will hurt you at the job and in the future because you actually don't know anything.

    Just like you **** on your exams.

    Certification is to enhance your skill!!!!
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    Also people say oh well let me **** to pass and then i will review from scratch what i do need to learn.

    That never happens. Pick up a book and start to read.
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