CCENT vs 70-410-which is harder? (apples to oranges I know)

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I know its an apples to oranges kind of question but in general, which exam would you say is harder. I've taken all 4 cisco netacademy courses at my local college and am currently taking an Installing and Configuring Server 2012r2 class using Tomsho's book.

Assuming I have an equal comprehension of each course of study, which exam would be harder, CCENT or 70-410?


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    It's been a few test versions back since I took CCNA but I'd have to say the 70-410 was a much tougher exam to me. Mainly because it's hard to find a good solid resource to use for preparation. The information is out there for the 70-410, it just seems scattered. With CCNA, I bought the Todd Lammle sybex book, labbed and passed.
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    That's an interesting question.

    I have taken the Network+ exam before which is somewhat similar to CCENT but only harder so they say, so based on the content of the 70-410 I don't find anything particularly hard about it but the thing is when it comes to a Microsoft exam you never know when you are ready for an exam because few questions are based on the content of the exam and most the questions test your experience with windows server 2012 so I IMO I would say the effort you need to take to study for the exam is just stressful it just sucks the fun about learning, this exam is just demanding too much because you have read the books watch the videos and spend a lot of time labbing to be proficient with the product whereas for a CCENT exam you could just read the book and watch some videos and you can still pass the exam. What sets these exams apart is that CCENT is mostly theory and the 70-410's questions are practical questions.
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    I am studying for both the CCENT and the 70-410 right now. I am putting in way more energy into the 70-410. I didn't even choose to pursue it until I knew Second Shot was coming back. I took the CCNA in september and 70-646 about a year ago and I had a much harder time with the 70-646.
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    So let's take a look at some factors that people consistently say.

    Generally word questions difficult, not a lot of solid prep material, but the concepts seem easier to comprehend.

    Require thorough knowledge, ability to troubleshoot, and condensed into less exams so they cover more on each.

    The installation exam for MS should be easier because it is a small subset of the MCSA...CCENT would be equivilent probably to the entire MCSA. Generally people have said "anybody" can learn MS but Cisco really separates their passing candidates.
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