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Hello All,

i wanted to get some feedback from you guys on 70-410 video's. Which site is better to review Train Signal or the cbtnugget?

I know in the pass people said that cbtnugget has always been good but I see a lot of post about Train Signal. If anyone has either or please let me know. Oh one other thing does Train Signal have the update R2 videos yet?

Boss might (very low chance) sign up to one of those so I need to know which one is better for MCSA exams. I know watching the videos will some what but you need other material to read too, and doing lab work

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    CBT Nuggets are really good for 70-410 R2. However, they do miss material and can be supplemented by the Free IT Training videos and Eli The Computer Guy's videos. I've actually gone through all 3 for a few subjects; installing and configuring servers, configuring local storage, etc, and found they really complement each other. My routine so far has been to read the sections in the MCSA Windows Server 2012 R2 Complete Study Guide, then watch CBT Nuggets on one screen, while following along with my labbing on another screen, then taking notes > then watching Free IT Training, supplementing any notes or labs (like mounting an install.wim for Windows Features) > then watch Eli the Computer Guy. I've found this to be extremely effective in developing my understanding of the objectives; I'm actually absorbing the information and committing it to memory.
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