Taking Server+ test on Saturday

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What up yall.. I will write the Server+ test this Saturday..

February 4, 2006
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    Good Luck.

    I'd appreciate any info you can give us on the test.
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    Passed the test..

    Need to know how to calculate data throughput:

    Formula - (# of bits) * (# *1,000,000) / 8

    For example, if you have this: 8bits; and 9

    8* (9*1,000,000)/8
    8 * (9,000,000)/8
    = 9,000,000 or a data throughput of 9

    U = 1.75 inches

    If you have 80U, then plug in the 1.75 inches for the U value


    =80 (U)

    = 80 (1.75 inches)

    = 140 inches

    This is just an example. A typical rack mounted server is only 42U in height!!!

    Know rack mount server, UPS, server room best practices. Know SCSI RAID Levels and the combinations that may be performed, and the differences between SAN and NAS.

    SAN - Large Block level

    NAS - Smaller block level, most books refer to it as a (File Level)
    Network/Radiation Oncology Analyst III
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