Want to take this test- ? for you guys who have taken it...

sharptechsharptech Member Posts: 492
Well I have been studying and have been a IT Tech for the past 3 years..

Out of the 80 questions- how many are needed to pass? Also what is a passing score?

I have used Meyers All-In-One guide and have been doing good w/ practice questions.

When did you guys know you were ready to give it a shot?

Sometimes I will go through practice questions and get say 4-5 in a row wrong and then that stops me from wanting to take it etc..

So let me know your thoughts etc.. Thanks.


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    I just took it today and passed. There are 80 questions but not all them count. It's graded from a 100-900 and minimum passing i think is 541. I used this site, Exam Cram2 for A+ and Computerprep practice exams. I wouldn't suggest taking the test unless you can pass a true 70-80 question practice exam with at least an 85% proficiency 2-3 times in a row. The test will cost ~$150 bucks so I definitely wanted to make sure I was ready becuase I am poor icon_eek.gif just my .02, good luck! icon_cool.gif
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  • sharptechsharptech Member Posts: 492
    Thanks Rydawg!

    Yeah $150- however my company is paying for it- however they only pay one time for each exam so I want to make sure I pass- 546 does not seem to bad-

    Ill check out more practice exams as well- thanks!
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    I'm pretty sure 515 is passing for the core. I just bought a voucher from studyexam4less.com for $7. You enter this code during the vue registration and you pay vue $92. This makes the total $99 for either the Core or OS. You have to use it by the end of February though.

    I bought my first voucher from getcertify4less.com for the same price. (different accounts are required for each of these sites, but I think they have the same parent company because both sites are pretty much identical) They offer a discount price of around $137 and you can catch them for less when they are about to expire.

    The Meyers book and your prior experience should be more than enough to pass the core. I found the actual core test to be much easier than some of the practice tests I took. The practice cd in the Meyers book closely resembles the actual testing software too.


    getcertify4less has A+ vouchers for $119 which expire on Feb 10
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  • sharptechsharptech Member Posts: 492

    Appreciate the info! I will probably be taking it in April-I will check for some discounted vouchers as well.

    Work will be busy the next few months- thats why going to take it April...will give me time to bang out a bunch of practice tests!

    Also I am not to worried about the price as my company is paying for it :D

    Thanks again for your help!
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