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Hi All

I completed my MALC at the end of last year but i am having issues passing the exam. I have attempted it a couple of times and every time fail by 1 or 2 points. I have read the Strategy and CSI books as well as the ITIL passing your MALC book. The Indeterminate exam i pass no problems but the MALC is a different story. I have read the scenario a number of times and i think i have the required info I need from it. I know the ITIL framework but this exam has stumped me.

Does anyone have any recent experience or suggestions, there isn't much in the net regarding this so would appreciate the help. I have gone through the practice exams and pass them OK.

Thanks in Advance...


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    Sorry to hear that. Some of the exam papers are just horrible.
    It took me 3 goes for CSI (the same paper each time) and yet for the rest of the papers I was getting 36-40.

    Did you get the results breakdown by syllabus area?
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    The LinkedIn study group called My itSM mentoring Community...5000+ members. Lot's of great advice on how to pass the MALC exam plus FREE access to ITIL Experts
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