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Last week I had an interview for a VOIP position. I had one question that remained in my head.

The questions was: "How can you tell if someone is using VOIP when is connected through SSL VPN ?"

My answer: If is not combined with SRTP then we can wireshark the connection and see the use of RTP (in Kali Linux it can be replayed the conversation).

Is my answer correct? What would you have answered to this question ?



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    this would depend on the platform. In CUCM you can look at the phone registration and see that its in a pool that belongs to your VPN subnet which is on the firewall.

    In a asterisk/free pbx solution you can do something sort of the same.

    You could also check where the phone gets its DHCP address from. If its from a router or switch 9 times out of 10 it should be an internal IP, if its from the firewall 9 times out of 10 it should be a VPN phone.
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