Taking CISSP exam soon, and more..

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Well hi there, I am new to the forum, found it while I was googling for CISSP tips, info, resources, etc. and it's really a great place for info and advice.

I have finally decided to take the exam and when I did, ISC2 decided to change everything and come up with a new material. icon_cool.gif yeah, lucky me lol.

And as if that's not bad enough, I actually decided to study CISSP and CompTIA's CASP both in parallel.
This might sound like the stupidest thing a sane human would make, but as much as those 2 exams hard, they are VERY much alike, except that CASP is a bit more into technical details than CISSP.

I dont have a deadline for the CISSP exam, I'm still waiting for the 4th edition's hard cover release anyways, but for CASP I have intend to take CAS-001 before it expires on 20th of June. Apparently everyone decided to change their material when I decided to take their exams :[

My studying material so far:

- Official CISSP CBK 4th edition (whenever it'll be released, I dont yet have it)

- Tried Shon Harris' videos, totally didn't like them. EXTREMELY slow paced training that is designed to address people who are still starting from scratch, so it wasn't really my thing. I actually fell asleep like twice watching the videos. (not joking, I really did)

- CBT Nuggets videos by Keith Barker, they are GREAT. He magically managed to jam most of the important stuff in only 29 videos.

- Cybrary's video training for both CISSP & CASP, by Kelly Handerhan. Those are truly great as well.

Cybrary is one of the BEST websites I have ever seen offering totally free training videos made by real knowledgeable trainers.
Kelly Handerhan is an infosec consultant just like Shon Harris, but her videos are normal paced and to the point, and she knows which domains weigh more because she took the CISSP exam 3 times, and passed every time! Her purpose was to gain some insights about which domains ISC2 stresses you more about, and which are considered less heavy.

Well I guess that's it for now, feel free to leave any tips or comments, and if anyone wants to communicate with me over LinkedIn, feel free as well.



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    Welcome to the site, and best of luck on both the CASP and CISSP, I'd say that the CISSP is a lot more things to know and retain for the exam, and is a more difficult exam to sit. But hopefully you'll pass them both :D
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