70-410, are there any QOS questions in the exam?

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Hi, as the title says will I see these questions in the exam?
I have now come across this topic in Chapter 4 in the book ‘mastering server 2012 r2’ book.



  • bohackbohack Member Posts: 114
    I have not seen any, other than what relates to GPO. That topic has been around since the 2000 MCSE and never seen a question on any exams.

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    Nope I have never came across that topic and I have never came across that feature on server manager either. Do servers do QOS I thought you only find those settings on some networking devices like a router.
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    QOS stuff is found towards the end of the Chapter 4 in the book 'Mastering Windows Server 2102 R2'. Quite a complex topic but I wont worry about it too much if it's not going to appear in the exam 70-410
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    QOS is there for Hyper-V... Basically when you are building your "stack" of hosts, you want certain traffic going out the 10GB interfaces to take priority before others. In example you want heatbeat traffic to take a high class of service, then SMB traffic, then Live Migration traffic, then production traffic and finally management traffic. Although management traffic should be split out to a management network thru a different card. It all depends on how you need the traffic to flow. Point being is it's a datacenter concept and will not be on a low level exam.

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    THe only thing related to that would be some of the Hyper V configuration settings such as memory weight, max IOPS and so forth. Know what each of them means and what they accomplish in order to answer scenario based questions along the lines of:

    "One of the VMs is showing a different system time than the host O/S. Where would you go to synchronize the settings?"

    All of these configuration settings are excellent exam fodder. Would highly recommend you memorize each and every menu option and which settings are found in which tab and/or submenu

    For example you should know every option that can be configured inside "Integration Services"
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