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I've been out of the networking field since 2007. Since that time I have been in the real estate business, but am now looking to get back into networking. I have always enjoyed networking, but took the opportunity in '07 to try and break into a new venture with real estate.

I took the initiative and got back up to speed on some of the newer technologies and passed my CCNA in February.

What advice can you all give me regarding writing a new resume?

Even though I have been out of the networking field for a few years, I took the effort to refresh any older concepts and learn new ones with the CCNA. Obviously I don't have a lot of recent experience in networking, so I am sure this will be a slight stumbling block.

But I am hoping that my experience in the real estate business (listing it on my resume) will also help show prospective employers that I am good with multitasking and meeting goals for both myself and clients, and these skill will also be a benefit for the employer.

Any advice/examples that you all may have about the resume would be appreciated.



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    My 2 cents.

    Honestly, it could be very tough to get a networking job with a CCNA, especially when you've been away from networking for so long. You may try to get into a tech support kind of job and then work your way up.
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