Server+ Beta exam $50

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Don’t miss your opportunity to become one of the first certified in the latest CompTIA Server+ exam.

CompTIA is looking for IT professionals to participate in the Server+ beta. Those who pass the exam will become Server+ certified at the time the final exam launches, in the last quarter of 2015 or the first quarter in 2016.

IT professionals with 18 – 24 months of work experience in one of the following areas are strongly encouraged to participate in this beta:

– Server Administration
– Storage
– Security
– Networking
– Disaster Recovery
– Troubleshooting

Exam objectives

Exam is coming on the 16th of March, and is $50 for the first 400 test takers.
WGU B.S. IT - Security Progress Start Date: Mar 1 2015 Transferred|Required|In Progress|Completed
C176 C220 C221 C393 C394 C172 C178 C164 C457 C455 C456 C480 (42 CUs Xfered)
C247 C299 (12 CUs Required to Graduate)
C299 (12 CU In Progress)
C182 ORA1 C459 C132 C168 C376 C483 C255 C278 C173 C169 C175 C484 C170 C179 C451 C100 C246
C435 C436(68 CU Completed)
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