Encouragement for those who failed...

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Don't give up! Take extra time to study different resources. Make sure to study simulations that may be the deciding factor in if you pass or fail. Reach out to others and follow their advise on test taking and resources used. Good Luck and happy studying! Coming from a 2 time test taker of Security +. Again never give up...


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    I have my sec+ exam booked for April 2. I am studying darril gibson's practice tests and the sybex book notes that I took. Any other tips? Cheers.
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    I always like the mantra "practice makes perfect." Read the texts, take the sample questions, find a practice test and take it seriously, and then do it all again! One time around with most study aids isn't really enough, IMHO.

    I can't really recommend places to go for classroom training, but I love the practice test sites that are cropping up these days. Skillset has tests that identify what skills you need to study for (https://www.skillset.com/certifications/securityplus), and GoCertify links free questions to paid resources, if you're willing (www.Gocertify.com).

    CompTIA also has a list of approved study aids on their site that I think is pretty useful: Classroom Training -- anyone listed there has to be approved by CompTIA. Most charge for their services, though.
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