Free Retakes For Linux Foundation Certification Exams

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Free Retakes For Linux Foundation Certification Exams

We’re excited to announce that free retakes are now available for all Linux Foundation Certification Exams taken after March 1, 2015 if a passing score was not achieved on the first attempt. (For more info about rules and eligibility please see the full Retake Policy.)

To celebrate, we’re offering $100 off the LFCE exam, LFCS exam, or LFS201 & LFCS Exam bundle. Just use coupon code RETAKE100 at checkout to get your discount. The code is only good through the end of this week though, so if you’ve been hesitant to order your exam, jump in now! | ProHacker.Co(nsultant) | ITaaS.Co(nstultant) | | @fuz1on
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    Thanks for sharing. I've mentioned this in the other thread. Thought it'll make thing easier for people to find all information in one place.
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    Nice! Thanks for sharing!

    Don't need it, but the inner voice goes...

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    - discounted vouchers for certs
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