Six entry-level cybersecurity job seeker failings

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Fantastic read. Seen all these and enough to make a couple of new categories included more in the polls. A worthy read for anyone looking to entry the security business.

Six entry-level cybersecurity job seeker failings | CSO Online




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    See....We can agree on some things. I DEFINITELY agree with this article. 'Where it's at' right now for millenials getting into the entry level InfoSec market must include specialties like Malware Analysis and Data Forensics. Obviously get the basics out of the way first, like a thorough understanding of Networking, 'The Internet of Things,' Windows Active Directory, RHEL, Linux/Unix, before deep diving into analysis and forensics. In short, one must really do their time as a systems admin before considering InfoSec because security is tough stuff, and not for the faint of heart. It takes a LOT of years to become a 'jack of all trades.' It's a good thing if a young man or woman wants to be an ISC2 associate, but that won't get you anywhere with me if I am interviewing you for a position that requires a specific skill set.
    Next Gen Firewalls and a thorough understanding of SIEM at least as a concept is also required for keys to the Infosec kingdom.
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    We disagree because of our security backgrounds not that we have ever fundamentally disagree on basic concepts. You learned security from a very DoD-centric view point. One that was fairly limited in practice. Mine was overly broad and business orientated so had to learn the business more so than most security practitioners. Just a difference in background and training. Nothing wrong with it. I would hope after this many years we could both accept these as purely background noise and not insurmountable obstacles to be over come.

    Yes, it would be even better if I saw a computer science program that taught the "basics" like writing your operating system before jumping into forensics. Yep! Completely agree! /s Still your missing out till you write your own basic kernel and OS loader. Lots of good eatin' there!

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