809 failure, all done.

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Just failed the 640-607, good way to waste some money.

I studied for about 200 hours with a couple books, your tech notes, and a comple of different router sim demo/free programs.

Got the simulator questions but they took too long to do because the computer it was on would lag when I typed and I would have to wait for it to catch up or it would forget which letters I pressed.

After wasting much time with that nonse I felt rushed and answered many questions in only a few seconds to make up for time.

It's a test against time, even if someone knows all the subject areas.

Not going to try again, nothing more for me to study. I know everything in my CCNA study guide, I read it several times.

Going to stick to CompTIA exams, atleast with those a 75% is passing, unlike that 83% or whatever it is with this test. Maybe I'll study for the newer CCNA test but can't afford to fail because I need to eat.

My advice, make sure you have a computer that's fast enough to handle typing for the test, and just memorize all subnet information because even though it only takes a minute or two to calculate any subnet if you know how this just takes too long.

Thanks for the help, even if it wasn't enough.

ps. the tech notes RIP lab is worth reading a few times


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    Sorry to hear you didn't pass the exam. It seems you prepared very well, being beaten by the time is painful. But what I would do, is call Prometric or Pearson VUE (depeding on where you scheduled the exam.) and I would tell them what happened. If you know how to complain and talk the right way, you might get them to give you a free retake at another testing center. It's worth a shot. So many hours of study and preparation deserves the paper certificate as a crown icon_wink.gif
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    Hi nethersdenizen

    Sorry to hear that you couldnt pass the exam.. did you take the exam first time ?

    dont give up,
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    Before I give it another try I'd like to get some sort of certification, I was thinking about Network+. From what I've heard it's easy compared to CCNA. I know my OSI model, subnetting, and standards really well. Think I might give the Network+ a try after I review your TechNotes on it, I took your practice test and passed first time. Maybe it was foolish for me to try CCNA before I took and passed some easier ones. Only certification I have right now is the Security+.

    Just want a little feedback if anyone has taken both the Network+ and CCNA and if there is any comparison on difficulty or if the subject matter overlaps much? CompTIA costs more but is good for life. I just want something to make my resume shine a bit before I try to get a serious job.

    What should I do???

    Thanks for your feedback.
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    Try Again.... move on..
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