CCNP Exams makes me Confuse got a Serious Question?

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I passed The Route 642-902 on Mar-15-2012
Then Passed SWITCH on Jan-21-2013
so my question is "should i have to pass TSHOOT 300-135 before MAR-15-2015" or do i have other options.


  • bharvey92bharvey92 Member Posts: 419
    I believe the exams on their own last 3 years (I may be wrong) so you need to basically pass the TSHOOT 300-135 to become CCNP certified, as far as I'm aware you can mix/match the CCNP exams.
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    shakology wrote: »
    I passed The Route 642-902 on Mar-15-2012
    Then Passed SWITCH on Jan-21-2013
    so my question is "should i have to pass TSHOOT 300-135 before MAR-15-2015" or do i have other options.

    You don't any time frame when taking the new TSHOOT, you can take it whenever. If you legitimately passed ROUTE/SWITCH than TSHOOT should still be a simple/fun exam. They can change it all they want (topology, configuration etc.) but at the end of the day it's Routing & "follow the packet".
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    I think he is talking about an expiration timeframe as far as his previous exams are concerned. E.g.: The first exam he took was Mar 2012, will this exam expire (like a certification will) after 3 years, or will the Jan 2013 SWITCH exam have updated the shelf life to 3 years from Jan 2013 (2016). On my phone, sorry if this sounds misconstrued.

    But RouteMyPacket is right, if you legitimately passed your Route/Swith, then you should be good for the TSHOOT if you still work in the networking field.
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    I think the exams are valid for longer than that; I seem to remember when the CCNP Security moved to the new format, they finally expired the previous versions of the exam as being valid (although I could be wrong on which certification, I remember the prior exams (old enough I didn't even know what exams they were) were listed as no longer being applicable.
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  • joetestjoetest Member Posts: 99 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Once you start your CCNP journey, you'll have to complete within the next 3 years. So yes, you have to do the TSHOOT before Marts 15. This regardless of the exam number (v1 vs v2). You can mix and match as long as you pass all 3 exams within 3 years.
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    Holy COW! Why would you wait two years to take Tshoot? If you don't take it by March 15 2015 you have to re-sit all the exams.
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  • bharvey92bharvey92 Member Posts: 419
    TShoot should be a breeze to be honest but seen as you have left it so long after passing Switch you may want to take a week out to revise everything.
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    TSHOOT is a breeze (at least the v1 exam) if you understand the technologies. I could have solved several of the tickets, particularly the Layer 2 issues (VLANs, Trunking, etc...), before I even cracked open the SWITCH book. I don't know if they have changed the topology or not since they went to v2.
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