Calling all Penetration Testers/Security Professionals. What tools do you use?

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Hey guys. I'm currently studying for the CEH exam since I'm a student at WGU. I'm a little surprised to see all of the deprecated tools in the exam content. Windows NT4 and 2000 tools, seriously?

I'm no stranger to tools such as Nessus and NMAP as I have used them several times in the past.

My question is this.

What tools are the most relevant to your career? Out of all the tools encountered in the exam content for the CEH, what tools do you use on a regular basis and which tools would you recommend for me to become acclimated with.

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    Which tools are you talking about? (That are deprecated)
    My material on the CEH v8 exam seems to mostly deal with: NMap, Wireshark, Net Cat, Aircrack-ng (etc...), nslookup (How to read dns zone transfer), tracert

    Seems like they want you to know what other tools are used for. Doesn't seem like you need to know much else about them like:
    Canvas, Metasploit, BlackWidow, HPing3, AngryIP scanner , netsurveyor, John the Ripper, Cain , etc...

    A hammer is a very old tool but is still very useful.
    Use the right tool for the job.
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