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hi guys I'm in need of help A.S.A.P, i'm writting my n+ exam tomorrow and i need some guides on what to expect on the exam tomorrow

thanks in advanced.


  • GForce75GForce75 Member Posts: 222
    I did not take the Net+... but took the Sec+ and Project+. Compared to other exams, the questions are pretty much straight forward. When I took the Sec+, i over studied. Basically from a CCNA stance, make sure you understand how to subnet. Also, check out the CBT Nugget Series. You can sign up for a 7 Day trial via paypal (cancel the paypal right away and the video portion after your test tomorrow). If things are looking hazy in CBT Nuggets, you know... if your half good... you should be ok.
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    snow bros, how did the exam go yesterday?
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