SCYBER (not listed anywhere else)

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Are there any threads for Cisco Cyber Security Specialist 600-199 (SYBER)? I know it is a specialist exam and limited on release. I cany find any information about the test. Please help


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    if you do a search for SCYBER on here you find a couple threads here. Not very much info.

    I've read somewhere that this test is suppose land somewhere between CCNA:Sec and CCNP:Sec. But since those are more widely known by companies and there is alot more information and resources on them, not many people are seeing a reason to go for this exam.
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    I was researching this cert myself a few weeks ago and couldn't find anything of value. I can tell you this... the certification is NOT vendor specific. Cisco specific... maybe 5 / 60 questions. It is definitely worth taking if you lean more on the technical side than managerial side of security and it would serve as an excellent predecessor for more technical certs such as GCIH and GCIA.

    For the cost and the content, I feel that it is worth it, but you need to have a good amount of security experience, knowledge of IR, and a basic understanding and ability to analyze packet captures.
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