Passed CCNP Switch 300-115 today

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As the title says, I passed 300-115 today with a 953/1000. I had failed it last week and only missed it by a few points, so I scheduled the re-take asap! I used the 300-115 OCG, the 300-115 quick reference guide, Chris Bryant old and new videos, the old CBT nuggets, the old OCG, Switch Simplified, and my home lab along with work experience to prepare for the exam. I did have to dig into some Cisco docs online for some topics after failing 300-115 last week to cover a bit more material. With that said though, the OCG is a solid study source along with the Quick Reference guide and I really like Chris Bryants videos! Now I am onto Route!

CCNP: Switch [X] Route [ ] Tshoot [ ]


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    Congrats i failed mine recently also and will be jumping to go schedule it asap
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    Congrats! and good luck Dsgm in your next try.
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    I failed mine yesterday... :) but I am going to re-take it asap.
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    Congrats, how long did you study for it?
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    Currently Studying: IE Stuff...kinda...for now...
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    I studied for the Tshoot for 3 months. Labbed a lot though. One thing is, KNOW YOUR IPv6 good.

    nickelito wrote: »
    Congrats, how long did you study for it?
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