Certification inquriy, GISP or GCIA

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Hello everyone,

My employer is allowing me to pursue a certification as budget opened up a bit. There are changes on the horizon so I'm weighing a couple of options. I currently possess 4 years in InfoSec with previous experience in the SysAdmin space. I like the SANS training style as they provide a solid foundation for me to build skills further on. I currently possess a GSEC and GPEN which are applicable to my current role. I'm looking into either GCIA or GISP. I know these are on two sides of the spectrum but my employer has expressed interest for additional resources in the IDS realm. Also, with our vertical expanding in the short-term I'm also pondering obtaining my CISSP to potentially set myself as those opportunities arise. I'm leaning towards the GCIA but also feel I would like I would like to give my brain a break from the technical aspect while I further strengthen my skills from a network pentesting perspective.

My question, for those who have taken the GISP, did you find much value in the material? Does it translate well towards the CISSP. Do you think this may be overpriced for CISSP prep? If this is the case I'll probably gravitate towards the GCIA or even GWAPT. But can't help but think that I should at least obtain my CISSP.

I understand that certs itself don't define you but do understand that they can pose value. I enjoy focusing on the journey of a course/cert as opposed to focusing on the destination.

Any information is greatly appreciated.


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    Taken numerous SANS exams many retired now. As far as your question, I'd recommend the GCIA as this exam is much more practical and desirable by employers. No one advertises for GISP. The later also suffers from the reputation as "not the CISSP" when comparing to the real thing. It comes down to being a very expensive practice test. Save your time and money and simply do the GCIA (Intrusion Analyst) exam.

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    GISP courseware is not really worth it, 5000+ USD should be spent on GCIA, which its very difficult to find similar materials on the market. GISP can be taken using CISSP Study Guide by Eric Conrad which only cost as little as 50 dollar, no use paying for 5000+ USD courseware for it.
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    Good point. Years ago taking the SANS course would have been worthwhile as there wasn't much in the way of material save Shon Harris and some other obscure authors. Today you have 100s of choices, costing far less money than a SANS course.

    - b/eads
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