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Does RHCSA means anything without real life Linux Experience?


  • asummersasummers Senior Member Member Posts: 157
    You might struggle to acheieve a RHCSA without any real life Linux experience.

    I would say you could make that argument for all certifications - that they are less valuable than real-life experience. That being said - the RHCSA and any other hands-on exam I think is a good barometer of how you will do under pressure. Multiple-choice exams I don't rate a huge amount.
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    Thanks for the answer. The thing is, I am currently studying for RHCSA and do have my home lab. I learned a bit of Linux back in my College time, therefore bit familiar with it. In my current job the only thing I do in terms of Linux is installation of the OS, taking back up through Netbackup, and also sometime I have to install netbackup client module in Linux wheneva a new Server comes up. I don't think those counts a lot for someone who is trying to switch his career into Linux. And thats the reason I asked that question. Again, thank a lot for the answer.
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    You need to ask your yourself if you can complete the exam objectives in your sleep. Then you'll know you are ready.
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    Hi, I noticed you have the certifications I'm currently pursuing. I will consider the RHCSA exam after I get those. What is your job title? Do you do things that make use of your current certs? Thanks
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    My job title is "IT System administrator”. Yes, things I learend while persuing those certs are helping me out. I would say CCNA and MCSA are the base for any system related job and as I am also working with our VMWARE team, so I can use my VCP knowledge as well in my curret job. Thanx
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