Pentest Candidate Program

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I see that this is the second time Strategic Security offer this program. I got one bad experience with one training with him, I guess he got problems at that moment. so I have my doubts but I would like to know if somebody has a review about this program:

This program is only $200 so signup now!
Pentest Candidate Program - Strategic Security

On April 6th Strategic Security will run the Pentest Candidate Program. This program is designed to satisfy the basic requirements to be a penetration tester. The program covers the common technical requirements, common soft skill requirements, and via a partnership with several penetration testing firms the top candidates will be given job interviews at the end of the program for a remote penetrating testing position (remote meaning you can work from home).

If you already have a US Security clearance, currently live in the DC, Maryland, Virginia area and you are one of the top candidates you may be given the opportunity to interview for a cleared penetration testing position.
This is your chance. If you REALLY want to become a penetration tester then this is the perfect combination of training, mentorship, and opportunity.

Computer Support Houston Area:


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    I've never heard of it.
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    8 hours a week for 4 weeks, and they teach you network penetration testing, web application penetration testing, and python coding? Supposedly by the end of these 32 hours of study, you are ready to enter the workforce?? I'm gonna call BS on this one.
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