70-687 8.1 PowerShell Questions

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I've been trying to find something on this for a long time now, and Google has not helped me at all. I have been taking a few practice tests for the 70-687 exam, and I have noticed A LOT of command line questions that I've never seen before. There is no reference to them in my CBT videos... not even in the Microsoft Exam Prep book! I have seen plenty of people post about how many questions there are on the actual test about commandlets and powershell commands, but I have seen no references to these commands. It's very frustrating, and it has kept me from studying due to this frustration. My question is--does anyone know any consolidated single source I can pull these from? Thank you!


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    Hi BlueBuddha6,

    I know exactly how you feel on this one. Powershell seems to come up a fair bit on the practice for both of the exams and can pretty frustrating, especially if you haven't used Powershell up until this point. Unfortunately I'm not exactly sure what material covers all of the commandlets for this at the moment but I do have link that might be of some use to you.

    Try this link https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh994630. This article covers all of the commandlets that you can use in Windows 8, there is a whole lot though so try not to be overwhelmed by that. From the practice tests that I have had, I would recommend looking at DISM,AppLocker, Branchcache, DirectAccess, RomoteAccess and Net TCP/TP and see how they're set out. Can you remember them all, probably not... I know that I cant but you an get the idea as to how they are set out and if the odd one comes up that you don't know, you an take a logical guess.

    There are also a few things that make PowerShell easier to deal with though. Firstly, they all start off with a verb and then a dash (eg Add- or Remove- ect) and more often than not, common sense can help you choose which one to use. Secondly, ones that work with the same technology are often set out the same way, ( for example all the DirectAccess ones abbreviate the word to DA and then carry on). Think it is really useful to look for patterns so I would look through them all and see how they're put together. Finally, they may clue you in as to what is needed; a PowerShell command or a command-prompt command. Look for the word 'cmdlet', if it is used in a question then you want to be thinking of PowerShell right away but if it says 'command' then you will want to thin about commands to enter at command prompt.

    I haven't taken the exams yet so I'm not sure what lies ahead but hopefully this might help you out.

    Best of luck!
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    Thanks for this link ! This consolidates the list somewhat.
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