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I'm one of those individuals whose trying to cram studying for the SSCP exam before the change over in April.. I'm trying to review as much material as possible but I also like reviewing test preps to get my mind used to testing. I hear a bunch of mixed reviews on StudISCope ( Being that these are the 'official' preps I think it might be worth looking into.. my question is if this prep is actually worth spending the $110 right now, so close to switch over, for questions that I can't get a concise review on.. Does any one here have any experience with StudISCope's SSCP prep questions?

My current material:
Gold book
All in one book (with prep disk)
McGraw-Hill Education | CISSP Practice Exams

Any one have any other advice for the SSCP cram? won't let me register for whatever reason.


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    I read the SSCP AIO Darril Gibson book twice over the course of 5 months. I am in your neck of the woods, and feel like I need to cram everything as well and have registerd April 9th to take the test.

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    I too would like to know if the SSCP prep test is worth it.
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    I bought 3 sets of practice tests and have used 2 out of 3. I'm glad that I did if they reflect the question style of the test. I did run into some areas I did not find covered in the AIO or the Pluralsight videos. There are some sscp study notes on that i'm finding helpful in filling in some gaps. They will probably come up if you search SSCP study notes in Google. I think they're also posted in the forum somewhere.
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    I bought 1 set of the sscp questions and think they are poorly worded, that or else i m not used to isc way of asking questions. Have my exam scheduled for 13th April.
    Should be fun icon_smile.gif I do like darills book though.
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    I haven't taken this exam, but have you checked out Amazon? I am assuming your just looking for test prep. Amazon helped me figure out what material helps for certain certifications.
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