computer forensics exiamer career

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My name is John. I am looking into starting into the field computer forensics this fall starting my B.S.. I have my A+ and Cisco but, the teacher was worthless in teaching it. I have a A.S. in applied science in compute networking. I been keeping up with my a+ and saw that the computer forensics was more of the A+ side of things. I would like to get away from networking as I am very weak as I didn't get it use it none when I finished school. I am kinda scared so bad that I shy away from applying for networking jobs. I had to teach myself wireless networking as it was pretty new back in 2004 as I been running my own repair shop since I got out of school. I don't mind setting up small home networks since they are pretty easy but, bigger networks scares the crap out of me. (this how bad the classes was as for getting us ready for them)

Also, I been reading what other certs. to get after my A+. I been Microsoft Desktop support, network+/Microsoft networking funds., and security +. I am so confuse on which one to go next. Thanks for all the help. Hope to hear from you guys.

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