Which Security Cert to get, already have CISSP

So I have the CISSP which covers the InfoSec / Management side. What should I pursue next? Security related of course. I was thinking CASP but at 400 bucks for the voucher is it really worth it considering I already have Sec + and CISSP? What about CEH? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • dave0212dave0212 Member Posts: 287
    This completely depends on what you want to do in security, you have the overall cert in CISSP so start to specialise. There are lots of paths you can take
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    Getting CASP or CEH wouldn't help you much if you already have the CISSP. CEH and CHFI might be worthwhile if you have to meet DoD 8570 standards or want to specifically get into forensics or pen testing.
    Maybe the Security Certifications forum would be a better place to post? There are more people there with information about SANS and ISACA certs.
  • NovaHaxNovaHax Member Posts: 502 ■■■■□□□□□□
    Yeah, if you are looking to get into the management side of InfoSec, ISACA makes sense. CISM might be a good one to go for. Or you could pair your CISSP up with a PMP.
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    PMP once you get the required number of project management hours in and logged. Cheating is even easier for the PMP than the CISSP but its still a whale of an exam to get through.

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    I understand your pain. The CISSP was my first cert. People keep telling me I did everything backwards. Now I have my GSEC and a few DoD SpeD certs. I am looking at the CPP, CISA, and PMP.
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    Well I currently manage Cryptographic keys in the Military and have dealt with Physical and Environmental Security, also written policy. I am hoping to go the InfoSec route when I transition out here in about 8 month. Funny you mentioned doing things backwards. I did Sec+ then Net+ then CISSP and now I am going all the way back to the beginning to take the A+ just because it covers a college course that is a royal pain in the behind. Only reason I was considering CASP and CEH is to have a better understanding of the technical side.
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    Robert, I'm in the military also. I'm taking CEH next week and I am studying for CASP. Why... just because. When I go to my next station shortly, I will be studying PMP. It just makes sense being a manager along with CISSP. CISSP also has the CISSP manager exam... forgot the names... (there's like 3) check there site... I'll do two of the three (not engineer)...but your doing great just by being proactive and thinking the next step ahead. Hey, understanding the technical side helps with your leadership (as long as you don't use it crush... or ignore people). People will respect you because they know you understand what they are saying.

    I backtracked my self also. I took N+ last week, including Cloud+. I studied (just a short review) each test in about a day... walked in and smoked it. CISSP filled into both areas... Cisco just covered most of it (I just had to study the adapters like cable ends and etc)... and I already understood VMs and Servers (playing with NETAPP, Server 2012, Pararells, VMWare and etc) If you have Net+ and Sec+, take Cloud+ (very easy if you understand VMs already). They have that 50 dollar sale going on until 3/31. You can also get CASP down in price if you have certain promo codes (you can find them all over the web)
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