GISP Practice Exams vs. CISSP?

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Hey folks,

I've been studying for the CISSP exam off and on since November 2014. I tried the Shon Harris AIO, and just can't get through it. Instead, I used the online version of the SANS 414 Prep for the CISSP Exam course. (SANS training has worked well for me in the past.) I've made some study notes, and intend to review them again a couple more times, with updates based on results from GISP practice exams.

I have the CISSP exam scheduled for April 14. I just took my first GISP practice exam, and got an 88 (without any books or notes which SANS typically allows for their exams). Does this sound like I am on track and have a reasonably good chance at passing the CISSP, with a little more studying?

Any feedback or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks much,


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    Not familiar with the GISP but I'm going to venture guess and say they aren't the same animal.

    I would read through the "passed" posts and reference some of the materials used for the ISC CBK to cross check the differences.
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    GISP Practice is tougher. They are very close to the real CISSP exam, as if it was a real thing itself. There use to be an article from SANS itself that 90% of the candidates that passed GISP also passed CISSP. You are definitely on track. For record I only score 78% on average for 2 of my GISP practice + real exam combined.
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    Thanks LionelTeo! The SANS exams (practice and real) are the only ones I'm really familiar with, and used to judging my level of effort and readiness for.

    I was just having a small panic attack about the 'great unknown'. :)

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