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Challenging GPEN will be my next goal. I'm in talks with a new company which requires it to start, regardless of any other pentesting certs or experiences. I've never taken a SANS course since everything I do is out of pocket and tests are reimbursed where I'm at now. I haven't needed to spend the insane amounts of money for one class when I can read books and practice on my own.

I'm wondering how many people on here have challenged the GPEN test without taking the SANS course first? If you did, what study materials did you use and bring with you? The technical aspects I feel okay with, but apparently there's a section on laws that gets a lot of people who didn't use their course and books.

Any advice for this exam is greatly appreciated.


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    The Basics of Hacking and Penetration Testing: Ethical Hacking
    Penetration Testing Made Easy Advanced Penetration Testing Guide for Highly Secured Enviroment (the ultimate security guide)
    Metasploit: The Penetration Tester Guide
    The Hackers Playbook
    Counter Hack Reloaded

    Since you are given two practice exam prior before actual exam. I will recommend to google up the section on law during practice exam, and save up whatever link down on Law. You should be able to get sufficient material base to read on the wrong answer from practice exam.

    Being resourceful is the KEY! There is also a section on Wireless, which isn't covered in the list of books. Wireless Hacking by Joshua Wright can cover that, but that is a bit too much of reading huh? I do suggest you to take the practice exam before deciding which section to read on this.

    Taking the exam is about being 40% resourceful, 40% hardwork, and 20% of interpreting the MCQ question.

    Good luck
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    Thanks! I'll look in to all of them.
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