ISC2 OIG - Fourth Edition - Now available

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    Hi Papadoc , any major changes in this new book ? Let me know please . i am planning to take it by end of may
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    Its pretty much there on the Amazon page. Shameless copy and paste below.

    Refreshed technical content has been added to the official (ISC)² CISSP CBK to reflect the most current topics in the information security industry today. Some topics have been expanded (e.g., asset security, security assessment and testing), while other topics have been realigned under different domains. The result is an exam that most accurately reflects the technical and managerial competence required from an experienced information security professional to effectively design, engineer, implement and manage an organization’s information security program within an ever-changing security landscape.

    What would add more incentive would be adding new content as it is developed and added to the eReader/Kindle versions.

    Now, in case you've never read one of these books. They tend to be compilations of work rather than one single author so your likely to read comments like "quality of writing is uneven" or "author changes writing styles frequently". Well... duh! Often your reading several different authors with little editorial touch-up. Its in the nature of a lot of these books.

    Final note on the changing sub-groups in April. The ISC2 appears to be making the test a bit simpler and more succinct than in years past. Want to really break down what security does? There are 31 actual categories not eight. This is really just a subset - hence - a inch deep and a mile wide.

    - b/eads
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    Thanks for the update. I'll let the school house I am at know for studying taking past the time frame.
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    Thanks, I wonder how different the book is from the 3rd edition I own. I might have to check it out if I don't pass my exam on the 14th.
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    Did anybody actually read this book ?
    Would it be worth buying this book?
    I have Shon Harris 5th and 6 th edition (plus the official CBK , second edition) and some books on pdf (Eric Conrad).
    Probably the books I have contain most of the stuff I need for the exam....
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