Microsoft Certifications on the workplace.

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In the past Microsoft certs had a bad reputation and lost some credibility. Since then they have mad the tests harder and their marketshare has shrunk, but still healthy. I see quite a few jobs out there for Microsoft skills.

What is the perception of Microsoft skills in the workplace and where do you think it will be in the near future? I have my mcsa in Windows 7 and was thinking of going after the MCSE in Sharepoint and Cloud.


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    I went for some, but I think VM Ware will be a good one. I mean, a lot of MS feeds right into it. I hope Windows 10 fixes this. I have tested WIN 10 and on the Lumia phone... so maybe there may be a big cloud push with MS (already is, but much bigger and less clunkier)
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    I am pursuing the MCSE DP and MCSD web app right now both are valuable 100k+ certs if you have the experience.
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    There are always going to be folks saying "Microsoft certs aren't worth anything anymore", "CompTIA certs aren't worth getting", "a degree isn't needed", and so on. In a case where you can be really lucky, know the right people, and find the proverbial 4-leaf clover, they're right. In the meantime, if you have the time/money to afford to spend on studying your craft, it's worth getting some accreditation that's recognized throughout your industry.
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    I just think Microsoft needs a bit of work on anti-cheating for the popular exams (410 and 411 and the first windows one) but otherwise they seem to be on the right track
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