Long Distance Route Pattern that Excludes 900

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Is there any way to create a single route pattern covering Long Distance numbers that would not match 900 Numbers? Unfortunately, there are 9X0 and 90X area codes so 19[1-9]X[2-9]XXXXXX or 19X[1-9][2-9]XXXXXX would block legitimate numbers. The only thing I could think of was to create 2 patterns:

1[2-9]X[1-9][2-9]XXXXXX (Matches numbers where the 4th digit is not zero)
1[2-9][1-9]0[2-9]XXXXXX (Matches numbers where the 4th digit is a zero, but the 3rd is not 0)

It would be nice if the pattern also excluded 911 (as that should have its own route pattern), but that would appear to require even more patterns.
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    Create blocking patterns for 1900
    Create Specific patterns for 19X0

    Use local route groups so you only have to do this one time.
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