I have existing windows server 2003 infected with virus

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i am planning to migrate my windows server 2003 to 2008..

how do i migrate all the serer roles with configurations ..

what are the things i need to focus on


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    Since this has been tried and done thousands of times I think you'll be better off checking online for blogs, etc. where the process has been documented in detail. From that you can see what the common pain points and gotchas have been. Good places to start:


    I would strongly suggest labbing this if you haven't done it before. Also, make sure you have a back-out plan before you even start doing it in prod.

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    I'm near the end of migrating 2003 servers that had many viruses months ago but none now, to 2012. I'd deal with the viruses first before trying to migrate. File server, SQL server and web server were all fairly straight forward with little issue. AD and dns on the other hand had some gotchas. I think the most important things are backups and keep the old running production while pilot testing the new servers. A lab would have been great but they don't have one where I work.
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