What are the quality of the WGU Masters programs

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For those who decided to continue on at WGU to get their Masters degree (technical/business) how would you rate them if you finished already and how are they so far if you are in the midst of taking them? I'm finishing up ,my BSIT at WGU and am mulling over their graduate business offerings and am just not sure yet. I'm not really interested in a management position, but have heard that a business degree can still help one's career. I could use some feedback. Thanks.


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    I'm enjoying the MSITM from WGU so far. My only complaint is that the text is pretty bland. I'm not really getting much from it, but the tasks are interesting to me. So far I'm happy with it, although I'm only a month into it. It will be a degree that I will use to advance in my career. Much different than studying for a certification and the knowledge you obtain there.
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    I really enjoyed going through the MBA program. It took me forever to get my bachelors paid off from a good brick and mortar. No way I wanted to go through that again. I decided to go through the MBA Strategic Management program, overall I am glad I did.
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    @n2it do you feel you gained a comparable set of knowledge to your conventional mba peers? I like the idea of an mba but dont like the idea of 60k price tag.
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    You know Phil until I took this job I didn't have an opportunity to match it up. In the Stl area we have a 25 business school (Olin Business School, Washington University).

    I feel they have more liberal arts and law knowledge, but from a pure business strategy and (project/operational) view they don't really have much if anything on me, in fact I ascend past most of them that are at my peer level or one rung higher.

    Overall the value is great, if you take your time and really apply what you learn to your real world life. I don't regret it at all.

    Where you lose against a top 25 program IMO is the great connections and the instructors. One of my peers has his bachelors and MBA from Wash U and was actually taught business\government law from one of the authors (senator) of the Glass Steagell Bill. A real life former senator was teaching these guys government law. I mean you don't get.
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    Not biz per se, but close... I don't regret dropping it but I am still annoyed that I did, I don't like quitting.
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    It helped me understand supply chain and procurement. I've transitioned from IT into the business and it prepared me. Obviously I still have to learn on the job but the curriculum was beneficial for my development as a supply chain / procurement BA.

    Of course that's just my humble opinion.
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