Any word on how much longer MCITP will be available for?

Should i even both studying mcitp route or should I go for MCSA 2012?


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    I think it's always nicer to have all of them than only latest ones. Deep certs history shows that you are in the industry for a long time and continuously put efforts in education, which is good in HR's eyes.

    When new MCSA/MCSE were already released I didn't have my old MCSE completed and also thought do I need this or just jump to 2012 MCSA/MCSE. And decided to have the last exam right before this program ended, then transferred skills to 2008 and got MCITP and then transfered it to 2012 and got MCSA.

    So the number of exams I had to take was not that higher because I used transition exams but in the end I've got them all.

    Plus, I had some clients who had NT 4.0. And still have clients who have 2000. And not mentioning 2003, I think that 2003 still has around 30% of install base in corporate world. This will decline over the time, but I bet that 5 years later 2003 still will be out there for some legacy stuff.
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    That doesn't really answer my question on when the MCITP will actually expire
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  • gbdavidxgbdavidx Posts: 840Member
    Thanks, its not on there yet! Going to bust out the exams and then upgrade to 2012r2!
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