Passed the 70-412 Exam!!!

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I passed the 70-412 yesterday with the score of 871, I used Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 R2 Training Guide and the exam ref:70-412 (didn't read the entire book), CBT nuggets and sometimes Technet when I was having hard time understanding certain topics and finally I used the practical exercise on the training guide to help me setup the lab and labbed the whole month building up to the exam.

To keep track of what to expect in the exam I watched this presentation from Teched:

I still haven't decided if I should go for CCENT or continue with my path to MCSE (I am just tired of the Microsoft exams), so no there is no time to rest for me.


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    I've booked 413 for next week so I'll have done only 3 weeks study by then (4-6hrs per day 6 days per week), I'm not sure if I'll be ready but because of the 2nd shot I'm going to give it a crack, I'm getting bored of studying now and need to get these next two exams out of the way.
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    Now that's a nice strategy to kill procrastination.

    I think I am just going to also get over with the MCSE and then move on to CCENT I am getting sick and tired of these microsoft exams.
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    Good work.. congrats
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    I am taking 412 next week and after I pass that I am moving over to CCNA. I just cant take the MS material anymore, it is so dreadfully boring. Maybe I will come back to it afterwards.

    Also dont know how much extra benefit I will get from MCSE versus just having MCSA, I am trying to have a "well rounded" certification set since I dont know exactly what area of IT I am heading for.
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    Congrats, its definitely an achievement.
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