Worst Testing Experance ever!!!!

suprchgtntsuprchgtnt Member Posts: 12 ■□□□□□□□□□
I was set to sit for the test last week , after arriveing at the test center the test admin discovered that they had booked the test for the day prior, which I of course didn't show up for becuse i had no idea it had been changed took the testing center about an hour os to get that worked out. So i finally get to sit down, logon go thru the Cisco survey, as soon as the test engine started up the pc locked up. F$%K I rolled over to the 2nd testing pc, once again i go thru the Cisco survey, and once again the machine craps out! turns out these morons didnt have enough ram to support flash, which is of course is what the test engine is wrtten in. Going back to a diffrent testing center tomorrow to sit for the test. It would be so nice if there was a way to rate these testing centers, so others could avoid this happing to them. Wish me luck tomorrow!


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