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Hi all,
I'm Paolo, a M.Sc. student in Computer Security.
Currently I own the following certs: EuCIP, SLAE32 and JFP from SecurityTube (SPSE due to the end of next month). This summer I'm gonna take the CCNA R/S.
In my free time I like to read hacking (and non hacking) books like The WebApp Hackers Handbook, Art of Memory Forensics, Hacker playground, etc and also I like doing some practice :) (webgoat & co).
However, I consider myself a beginner icon_study.gif
As you should have understood I'd like to work in the infosec field, especially I'd like to become a penetration tester (of both network and webapp :)).

During these days I'm reading *a lot* of information about the OSCP and the eCCPT certs.
Of course my wish is being able to earn the OSCP cert but actually I think I'm not so skilled to go throught this tough course.
So I thought that doing the eCCPT could be a better start for me.

What do you think guys? Any suggestion? :D

Thanks a lot,

Have a nice we



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