Certs to College Credit

Okay guys I am really close to finishing my BSIT Network Management focus at Excelsior College. Excelsior will convert certs to college credit, the only problem is that they don't release a list of what certs count for what classes. Usually, you complete a cert and then you submit it and they will evaluate it and let you know if it will take off a class requirement. Seeing as how I am already full on electives I am trying to target a couple of certs to finish my degree faster. I am really hoping to finish my degree by December. So below I have posted what classes I have left not counting what I am enrolled in this semester or next semester with the hope that maybe some of you have submitted cert for college credit in the past and can recommend what certs I should target to complete the remaining degree requirements. Even educated guesses are appreciated.

Courses Remaining:
Computer Systems Architecture- Thinking maybe CompTia A+ would cover this class?
Operating Systems- Thinking maybe Linux + or Microsoft certs?
Wireless Technology- Not the slightest idea what might cover this one.
Network Systems Design and Management- Maybe some Cisco cert?

Thanks in Advance guys.


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