Got a new job with super easy iview

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I was really happy Tuesday when I got a job offer with more salary. I had to finally cave and accept the fact that my current position after 9 months is questionable at best. My new position is a 18 month contract and could go perm as early as 3 months in. I will be working as a security analyst doing web protection. I interviewed with about 10 different companies and have some I am waiting to hear back on. The position I got took one 30 min phone interview and that was it. I was given an offer and a start date. It was that easy for me to get a job and I make 5% more and have better benefits and get paid weekly. Could not turn it down.

What happened to make me leave my current position is something I thought I would never see in my career. In my current role I am a contractor who was on a 6 months to perm contract. Before the 6 months came they gave me a year extension to till the end of 2015. The understanding was that they would convert me after the 6 months because of budget. At 9 months now the entire department fell apart. Over 3/4 of the department has resigned including three that have expressed leaving. We had 30 people in the department and now have no one with more than a year in. People are leaving like crazy, managers are bailing everywhere and here I am a contractor.

I spoke with my manager multiple times about the situation and what they where going to do with me. I am a remote employee so I am out of sight out of mind. I was told repeatedly that new manager would have to be hired and a new CISO and then they would work a budget and see what they wanted to do. I did not want to leave and expressed that over and over. However the company is not willing to commit or even decide on whether they are keeping me or going to let me go. I did not want to be in a situation come Oct of this year where I am looking for work. It really sucks because I liked it here, but with a family and no certainty I had to start looking. So I am off to a new position in a little over a week. The good thing is I am extremely employable and can find a 6 figure salary now no problem. The bad is that I will miss my current position and my current role. Never did I think I would say that. Too bad for the company because with everyone leaving they had someone who wanted to stay and lost them, because they were not ready to commit.


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    Congrats on your new job.

    You're showing the "human element" in you. Unfortunately; sometimes that isn't reciprocated by the employer.
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    Congratulations on the new position, sorry to hear that your previous contract position messed with you like that. Wish I could find a job in a week over a phone interview... I've been searching for 9+ months now...

    Best of luck in your new position!
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    Congrats on the new job !
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    Efficient hiring processes are always a great sign from my experience. HR is a window into the company and the fact they are competent and confident in moving forward with agility IMO is a really good thing.

    Oh and btw congrats!
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