Redistribution for OSPF, RIP, EIGRP, BGP

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Hi All,

I am currently practicing redistribution and was kinda confused what values to put on each metric or is there a default value for each routing protocol already? For ex. when you redistribute routes from BGP to EIGRP, R1(config-router)#redistribute eigrp 1 metric 100. Is this the default metric value to apply for every redistribute of EIGRP Routes to any routing protocol? I mean, this is only EIGRP. I want to ask the same questions for OSPF,BGP,and RIP. But I hope you get my point. Hoping for some clarifications from the community. Much appreciated.


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    OSPF in Cisco has the default seed metric of 20, meaning if you redistribute into OSPF from another routing protocol, those E1 or E2 (N1 / N2) routes will get a default metric of 20.

    For redistributing into RIP, you need to specify the metric als something lower than 16 since everything higher than 15 is considered infinite. Might be the reason why your route doesn't show up in the lab.

    For redistributing into EIGRP, you can either set default-metric or redistribute with the K-values.
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