sim questions in INTRO exam??? I got mine on thursday

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hey guys,
Im pretty new to this forum but it has helped a great great deal.
I got my Intro exam next week, just wondering if there are any simulation questions in it such as setting up routers, passwords, and debuging? or is the Intro exam just only multiple choice questions?

Ive been concentrating on multiple choice questions lately and i need to know if i should revise setting up routers if there are any sim questions. Also i did the celticrover exams and was only averaging like 80% is that a good sign or should i be getting 99% in the practice exams?



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    I took it this morning. There were 2 sims. Be prepared to subnet a network and then apply ip addresses with the subnets they specify to interfaces. Also, be prepared to set a console and Aux password.
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    hey eric0,
    where the sims like setting up console and aux just the basic simple configuration, or was it much more indepth? i mean aws it just
    conf t
    line console 0
    password cisco

    that it?
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    sweet thats easy
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    You may also have to troubleshoot a little (be prepared to use the Show commands to check for any settings that may be wrong, they're usually very obvious as long as you know how to get the relevant info....."Show Run" is a very good fall back for most details, though slower than going right to the heart just remember it as a last resort). If you can do the practice labs on the Boson CCNA sim. you'll find the exam versions extremely easy.
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