Been studying 301 instead of 401 by mistake

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I recently started studying for Security+. I've actually had Gibson's 301 guide and have been really hammering away at it for about a week and am on Chapter 9 out of 11. I was planning on taking the exam by the end of next week and feel decently confident about it (prior courses in college and current job help me understand the concepts pretty quickly but there is definitely A LOT of information and terms to remember). However I was careless and did not realize it was 301 until just now after finishing up the chapter and taking a look at the cover of the book.

I am wondering if anyone has done the same thing and passed 401. I feel like the concepts are getting to me and from the research I did I understand that the 401 added some new content in it. I'm not sure how to proceed... should I jsut get 401 and start over? Is the material that different that it's better to just do that, or should I just finish up 301 and try to research the stuff that is not included? Problem with doing the latter is that I would be missing study questions and maybe specifics to what the exam will want from me.

Kind of bummed out right now because I've been doing a lot of reading and notetaking and frustrated at myself for not realizing this.


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