New Job; Taking 802 Exam in 4 days

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Hello All.

I finally landed my first official job in IT working for a major company. The position is for a Network Technician in the Northern NJ Area. Starting pay $25 per hour, which translates to $52k a year. It's a contractor position through an IT firm.

Got a call today with my start date. Went over work schedule, 9-5:30 on most days. Overtime when needed. Was told the attire would be at a minimum Jeans, Polo Shirt and Snrakers. Again, was told at a minimum.

I'm so happy and excited to finally get my shot at starting my career in IT. Been wanting this for a very long time. Also taking the A+ 220-802 exam this coming Friday. Just making sure to go over everything and practicing a lot running networking and Windows OS commands. Professor Messer videos have been a huge help.

Some questions:
Is this a good pay for this position?

When they said, at a minimum with regards to the attire, would it be ok to dress in khakis, comfortable slip on dress shoes, and polo shirt?

Thanks in advance for any replies.
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