30 day challange for 70-410 (fail but happy as ****)

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So 30 days ago I had no clue about windows server, hyper-v or active directory(this one was puzzling for me). So I said, let's do this. Mostly, I was learning from videos and and books, as well I found PowerShell rather interesting, specially over the fact I use mostly linux, lubuntu to be specific as my main os, did I mention I don't use Windows from XP, so I'm rather bad at windows :D. Anyway I lost kind a lot of time with grasping the concept of wtf is this windows server, and AD and DC I was trying to get bigger picture, I though win server sucks, from my experience as web admin no one ever used freaking win ser. Turns out win servers are really good at what they do, and provide a lot of cool services. Anyway long story short, I faild scored 529 in 30 days of learning. I also tried Brain Dums I'm not gonna lie, that **** is ******* boring, so after 10 questions I said **** this, its better I spend time grasping concept and **** around on servers - I have a lab of 5 VM-s runing on my lubuntu laptop on VB. I think this test is a joke, not that hard and considering I didn't go over, hyper-v, DNS, GPO and Active Directory (only classes from Eli the Computer guy) I am proud on myself and disapointed on this joke test, they provided there. I was reaging some of this forum so I think I'll participate a bit.


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    Fair play giving it a shot after 30 days with no experience but it's taken a lot of people plenty of time to pass the 410 exam with a similar score to yours (though I would add that the exam may have been made easier in the last 6 months or at least more passable).

    If I were you I'd plan your studies, pass the exam then come back and belittle the test because you might regret your comments, you may have fluked some questions if you skipped those subjects that you mentioned and you'd certainly struggle with the higher numbered exams because those topics are covered in more detail as you progress through the MCSA/MCSE.

    Good luck.
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    Very nice. I plan on doing the MCSA exams in 6 months total later this year.
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    Study more and take it again in 30 days! Assuming you have Second Shot, it won't cost you anything.
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